Our company was established in 1984 producing aluminum and steel products. Almost from its very beginning it has been producing high quality aluminum ladders of various types, covering in this way a great part of the Greek market, via means of a contemporary network of product distribution. At the same time, it exports in Balkan countries and Cyprus. Our products not only do they offer customers safety, but also they are highly durable since they are made according to international standards.

Our company is certificated according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN 131, and therefore, resulting in the triptych: Safety - Reliability - Service.

Apart from its produced items, the company also imports similar products, offering customers a great variety of options, especially in the field of hardware stores and household goods.

It serves shops and companies which sell similar wholesale items.

Private consumers can find and purchase our products from local collaborator stores.

Our company acts in its own building in Avlonas - Attica, with modern machinery, offering customers the best quality of our goods. Having in mind the demands of the market we constantly improve and expand our produced items.